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Herbalife 24 | Products | Hennopspark, Centurion | M Van Wyngaardt Biokinetics | Hennopspark, Centurion


Herbalife 24

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There are 5 products to use:

The diagram shows you how to us the hydrate, prolong, rebuild and f1 sport.

To maximize performance nutrition must be spot on during sport/exercise,after and during rest (next 24 hours).

The body rebuilds itself continiously.

  • Products are customizable based on your specific training needs
  • Formulas are based on latest proven science
  • Every product is third-party tested for banned substances

    Elite athletes like Lionel Messi uses Herbalife 24


Good for top athletes.....Good for you!

Redifining performance nutrtion-The first 24ihour sports nutrition range.
Herbalife 24 is for everyone,elite athlete,gym junkie or gentle jogger!

Formulas based on latest proven science.
Every product is third party tested for banned substances

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