Madelein van Wyngaardt Biokineticist

I am a qualified Biokineticist with a Honours degree in Biokinetics and Human Movement studies. I studied at the University of Pretoria from 2000- 2004.

I worked as Biokineticist in Rivonia focussing on  Rehabilitation of neck, back and shoulder injuries, Also DBC pain clinic ,wellness and weightloss. I then started my own private practice in 2006 in Planet Fitness and have been operating for 12 years now.

My passion  for Health and fitness is my life and I strive to change peoples live's, helping them to adapt to healthy lifestyle and replacing medicine with exercise.

I competed as fitness model at various Federations like NABBA and IFBB. This was a dream that I had to pursue, it taught me perseverance, discipline and that you can acheive anything you put your mind to.  Now I have the knowledge and experience to help others transform and be fit ! 


As Biokineticist, Life Coach  I am qaulified in:

Rehabilitation of injuries,pre-and post-operative eg shoulder, back , neck,knee

Exercise prescription for the eldery, children, diabetes, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis pregnancy

Assessment  of biomechanical problems and correction like, low muscle tone, paralysis, postural problems, growth problems

Pilates, spinning and group training instructor

Weightloss and toning

Sport specific programs

Herbalife wellness coach

Fitness testing


Contact  Madelein for a personal trainig experience you cant afford to miss! 082 924 7000


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