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I do homebased training and rehabilitation 

Diabetes, Hypertension, fibromialgia, children, the elderly, disabled persons etc.

Injuries like torn knee ligaments, slipped discs, rotator cuff impingement

Post operative strenthening is very important if you want to return too your lifestyle as before the op.  The sooner you start, the better.  Range of motion and strenght must be restored as well as proprioreception. I specialize in knee , s

Programs designed to improve the sportsman's abilities.  Eg cycling, golf, tennis

A fun and effective workout,  groups of 2 or more.  We train in the studio and it will be a combination of cardio, stability,abdominals,upper and lower body exercises.  This is really a challenge and for half the price it is affordable

Pilatus is great for creating a strong core. Benefits are: Improves posture, enhances physical abilities, Increases range of motion, increases body awareness, improves muscle balance and alignment

I specialize in; Toning Weight loss Centimetre and fat loss Muscle endurance and fitness improvement of self-image and healthy lifestyle

Pre- and Post natal exercise programs, stay fit and enjoy your pregnancy

Fitness Testingpoints,3500per test.  At R185 for Vitality and R205 for Mulltiply wich you can claim back.

Train outside, have fun and get fit!  Why not do it togheter with ladies that share the same goals, emotions and obstacles. lets do it!!!  Call me for a trail class.

Get nutrition right with herbalife products, loose weight, feel great and start living. Ask me how??? 

Lets have fun and shed the cm's toghether! 12 weeks  Weekly meetings and measuring learn about meal planing, metabolism, protein and lots more safe and effective Sally lost over 30cm's in 4 weeks!!!!! Book your place AS
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  Good for top athletes.....Good for you! Redifining performance nutrtion-The first 24ihour sports nutrition range. Herbalife 24 is for everyone,elite athlete,gym junkie or gentle jogger! Formulas based on latest proven science. Eve

Online Training
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Nutritech 1KG
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lipobody injections
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