Biokinetic session at your home has become a convenient way to help me reach your goals, get  healthy and get your body into the best shape you can. I come to you with own equipment, you just need a space inside or outdoors, sessions norma

Special programmes are designed for every condition to improve your lifestyle and manage your specific condition. Diabetes- Exercise will improve your diabetes by lowering your blood sugar and the aim is to reduce your medication and or your insul

I do a orthopeadic assesment and then presribe exercises accordingly to correct the imbalance and weaknesses. Rehabilition is needed to gain full range of motion and function. If rehabilitation is neglected the joint or injury will not fully recover

Post operative strenthening is very important if you want to return too your lifestyle as before the op.  The sooner you start, the better.  Range of motion and strenght must be restored as well as proprioreception. I specialize in knee , s

Programs designed to improve the sportsman's abilities.  Eg cycling, golf, tennis, Running  

A fun and effective workout,  group trainig of 2 or more.  We train in the studio and it will be a combination of cardio, stability,abdominals,upper and lower body exercises.  To train in a group is very motivating and challenges you.G

Pilates is great for creating a strong core. Benefits of pilates are: Improves posture, enhances physical abilities, Increases range of motion, increases body awareness, improves muscle balance and alignment. Pilates is a add on to any sportsperson o

Pregnancy with exercise require a monitored exercise programme that is safe for the pregnant woman. It has alot of benefits, for the baby and both the mother. Also post natal , to strernghten core and get back to a healthy weight  

Fitness Testingpoints for vitality earns you 7500 points - R400 Mulltiply asessments up to 20 points! R200 Just need 30 min   All claimable from medical aid

I offer individual or group sessions based on your spesific fitness goal. Either at your home or at gym, we use various equipment like dumbelss, trx, kettlbells, elastics and also bodyweight. My goal is to achieve your best body and get you as&
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